"The name says it all. Ronnie Shellist turned me onto this killer set of tracks to play along with. These 30 recordings are so tight and perfect it’s like having Kim Wilson’s band in your living room."

Rick Davis

"I want to say how much I enjoy the Ultimate Blues Jam Tracks. Having played guitar for over 47 years you need to still practice to keep your chops up. I find the Ultimate Blues Jam Tracks right down my alley and would highly recommend them to any players out there that like excellent tunes to play along with to stay in practice. Their customer service is beyond what onr would expect. It is the "Ultimate" in customer service. Try this music. I know you will love it and if you have a problem their customer service will exceed your expectations."

A very satisfied customer,
Ed ( Thumper) Sweeney

"I would like to comment that I've been very happy with the music I purchased from Ultimate Jam Tracks.  My instructor suggested UJT and I'm jazzed -- they're very cool!"

Greg Markel


"I bought them too yesterday. They're fantastic! The band is groowin' and relaxed on the swing. It was a blast to jam with them. In fact, I started to record my jams with these tracks before i could even listen to the entire lot."

Louis Lam

"Bought the ultimate tracks yesterday, really really good buy, find it so easy to play along with, thanks again Ronnie"


"I got all three jam tracks last night and they are truly fantastic. You are right; the music is diverse and every track on the 3 cds is cleanly played. I've learned a ton already. I can anticipate chord changes much better now. Great music and skill improvement. Thanks again for what you do on here. cheers again"

Bob from NJ


"The jam tracks are great – much better than the computer-generated rubbish I’ve come across online before."

"I gotta say that Petes vols 1 and 2 [I have both] are red hot, live jam tracks that do it for me. I see on his website that hes put out vol 3 and it's the "ULTIMATE BLUES JAM FOR HARMONICA" edition. I can't wait to grab it!"

"Where else can you go to hang with the bands who played behind Jimmy Reed, Little Walter, Sonny Boy II, Billy Boy Arnold, George Harmonica Smith, and William Clark?"

"Pete Schmidt's blues backing tracks are the best ones I've heard. Treat yourself to these for Xmas."

"I used these as a warm up before going out to jam last night. I played every key and focused on adding variety to my licks. I would suggest to anyone that you purchase these, everything I need is here. The best backing tracks I have purchased!"

"I purchased the 3 CD package last night. This is the real deal - awesome backing tracks! I've been jamming blues harp and guitar to these and having a LOT of fun. The band is great and you can really get a feel for the music. This collection is better than all of the BT's I've found over the years. I wish I could have spent $26 five years ago and saved the many many hours wasted searching for crap.

Thanks mate!"