Ultimate Jam Tracks - Volume 3 (Harmonica Edition)

by Steve Harvell - Bluzharp.com


(Harmonica Jam-A-Long cd) The Ultimate Blues Jam "Harmonica Edition" by Pete Schmidt

For those of you that are in the need of some serious blues and boogie-woogie music to jam along to,well,here is your salvation.Pete Schmidt is from Canada and is a world class musician that not only puts out blues music of his own,he makes play along cds that are a life saver.As a matter of fact,his 2 previous cds,"The Ultimate Blues Jam" Authentic Blues Practice Tracks for guitar/harmonica/vocals/etc. (Volume 1 and 2 are now available for purchase at www.ultijamtracks.com were at the top of my list for best cds of 2003 and the reviews can be seen at Favorite CDs of 2003

I use his first 2 cds in a solo act were I play the cds thru my small PA system and use a small 5 watt "Tophat" tube amp to play amplified harp thru.This works well at coffee houses and small venues were sound level and space is a issue.Were as the first two cds were for using a number of different instruments to play along to this cd,"The Ultmate Blues Jam"Harmonica Edition",was designed around using the harmonica !Listed below are the tunes and song keys.

Rockin' Boogie in E
Quick 2 Feel in A
Slow Minor in D
Marching Shuffle in F
One Chord Groove in G
West Coast Swing in D
Slow Blues in E
Funky in G
Medium Shuffle in E
Quick Swing in C

And here I thought his first 2 cds were a gift from God for playing the harmonica along to,this new cd,"The Ultimate Blues Jam-Harmonica Edition",is just as good as Pete Schmidt's previous efforts.What I like about this cd is that it is so valuable as a learning tool in many ways.By being able to jam-a-long in private,the harp player can stretch out and take chances without being in front of people and experiment.Also,by being able to play for several minute in a row,the player is forced to come up with new leads,fills and rhythms to keep from repeating yourself over and over.

Not everyone has access to a live band to play with and by having Pete Schmidt's harmonica jam-a-long cd to practice with,it is hard to place a value on how important these cds are to not only the beginng to intermediate student,but also to the performing pros as well.I give this new cd,"The Ultimate Blues Jam=Harmonica Edition",a well deserved (7) Harp Salute,and it gets in my Favorite CDs of 2004 also.To order a copy of Pete Schmidt's new cd or one of the 2 originals,go to www.ultijamtracks.com/blues.html and get these cds for yourself.

Highly recommended!